COG Digital Agency Sydney Design Mobile Responsive Websites and Adaptive Websites to work across all Apple, Android Mobile and Tablet Devices.


The popularity of handheld digital devices forces our website developers to be forward thinking in their approach to the design and development of Mobile Responsive Websites.

Above are the areas in which we assist our clients in understanding what sort of Mobile Website solutions COG Digital offer. To learn how we can assist your business and brand achieve online success via mobile and tablet devices, contact COG Digital today (02) 9523 6007.

COG Digital designs and develops websites for mobile, as both Responsive (and Adaptive) websites. We also build standalone mobile websites for certain projects.

As our society becomes more accustomed to receiving and reviewing information on their handset of choice than any other device, it demands that websites are developed to be adapted for both desktop and mobile devices of all screen sizes. Ensuring the website fits different screen resolutions is an essential factor during our website development processes. COG Digital drive hard with our clients in delivering a positive User Experience (UX) via an intuitive and easily navigated UI (User Interface).

The COG Digital approach to building superior mobile websites and mobile digital experiences is to remain conscious of fundamental factors such as the removal of technologies which are not device friendly (i.e.: Flash), and to consider the user environment and their internet connect, speed and the media in which they are trying to view. The same methodologies, techniques and approach we use in building traditional websites, is now applied how COG digital build mobile websites. We also ensure activity such as Social Media is easily integrated.

For many of our clients, mobile is the new new home environment for their Digital Business.