Our Sydney agency are developers of mobile applications (apps). iPhone, Android & Windows apps. COG Digital build mobile web apps to enable smart phone device users to run programs suited specifically for their device. Our clients require mobile apps that are native to certain device and also cross platform.

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COG digital apps applications

We’re experts in Android application development and design. We also specialise in custom iOS application development and design. Our methodologies include design, development and strategy which follow efficient processes from initial concept phases through to product release and update aftercare.

The COG Digital development team are skilled in both iOS and Android Phone and Tablet Apps. We build considered and slick phone application designs with careful attention to Mobile UI to pursue the finest in Mobile UX.

Our clients are all different types, big, small, startups, start agains. Our mobile app service suite is built on delivering services such as Application Design, development and user experience design. The main categories for mobile apps is iOS Apps, Android Apps and Windows Apps and COG Digital assist our clients businesses in solving traditional problems by delivering efficient and cost effective app-based solutions.

Pursuing a paperless process, optimisation of marketing campaigns. streaming mobile content, building dynamic and innovative sales tools. COG Digital will develop it.