A COG Digital website is unique for each one of our clients; though the fundamentals in our approach to the design and development remains the same. Functionality, aesthetics, reliability.


COG Digital develop websites to provide a superior user experience while delivering against the key business objectives, simultaneously honouring the brand and building equity.

COG Digital understand our clients are different and each require a digital product to deliver a certain type of online service and experience. The COG Digital identifiable skill is that we know business and can make the best decisions for our clients when it comes to deciding what sort of website technology is best for our clients.

We develop websites on a variety of platforms and technologies. The broad range of online technologies available today make the decision of what is best for you and your business the first question our development team will need to understand.

The COG Digital approach is to work closely with our clients, their teams if required, to ensure the relationship during development and during aftercare is well serviced with clear communication.

All our websites are built to honour a COG Strategy if provided and to work in conjunction with any Digital Marketing that has been included in the broader brief.

Below are the three main areas which will assist in understanding what sort of websites COG Digital create. Click through to discover how we can help your brand and business achieve project success via a user friendly and superior website.