3D, CGI and Image Rendering

We develop 3D and CGI content for businesses in real estate, property development and many others.

COG Digital is a 3D architectural image rendering and 3D consumer product design service. We work closely with property developers and graphic designers to bring project visions into reality by developing cutting edge presentation imagery.

When creating 3D and CGI imagery which needs to convey reality there needs to be a common vision between client and artist. Successful digital artworks should be photo realistic and life like. Clients who require our digital imaging services need to communicate to their customers and clients what the future holds, and they need to deliver confident visual communications to say what words won’t deliver.

3D, CGI and Image Rendering

Architectural model rendering is known as a useful tool for the promotion and communication of building planning and development. COG Digital has expertise to deliver for all projects requiring architectural modelling, CGI and 3D rendering, and photomontage digital assets.

COG Digital also provide a range of other digital graphic manipulation services such as; CAD Plans and Elevations, Colour Floorplans, Colour Masterplans, Exterior 3D Renders and Perspectives, Interior 3D Renders and Perspectives, Photo Montages, 3D Product Rendering Services, 3D Animations, Outdoor Landscaping, Colour Retouching and old photo restoration.

Our approach is dynamic, trusted and above all professional in our approach to business.

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